Pfennig Reinigungstechnik GmbH


Heubachstraße 1
87471 Durach

Phone / Fax: show
Phone: +49 831 561220
Fax: +49 831 61084
CMS Berlin 2019

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Exhibitor profile

We deal with an high-grade item: namely cleanliness. WE develop, produce and distribute own products in order to ensure cleanliness. 

In many public areas or buildings surfaces like windows, floors, ceilings, walls or fittings have to be cleaned every day.Offices, hospitals, schools, nursing homes, industrial objects and institutions behove a professional cleanining procedure. In Cleanroomes of the phrmaceutical, cosmeticl and cemical industry oder in the semiconductor industry must be decontaminated daily as well. This work do trained professionals: cleaning operators.

Our effort is to give them the best tool to do their job perfectly. We develop, design and produce always our own solutions and put on a long experience, studies and the feedback of ur customers. All the time we as ourselves: What can we do a cleaning operator can work faster, more effective and easier to achieve odr surpass the desired outcome.

We are a all-around partner for our customers. nnovative system technique, intelligent process design and high-tech textile quality are perfect match with eologocally aspects and customer-oriented service. Wir are your partner for the production of cleaning systems for cleanrooms of all classifications, facilites and hospitals. Our idea, our product landscape and our high quality standards grow from eyperience, know-how, attention to detail, forward-tjhinikn and are subsumed under the solgan The Clino Way.

The Clino Way means
  • special knowledge to solve all special requirements in surfce and building cleaning
  • technological advance in case of regular investments in research and development
  • competence and high-quality standards, know-how and motivation of the employees
  • only proprietary developments and components
  • own developments on own tools
  • progressive production
  • clear statement, to certifcated products
  • all-around service
  • sustainable acting whether in production oder business decision

Our product range includes
  • hygienic systems for hospitals and retriement homes
  • systems for school and offices
  • development and production of sustainable cleaning concepts
  • cleaning trolleys in modular  design
  • individual cleaning tolley conception
  • mop holder
  • mop
  • microfiber cloths
  • cleaning systems for hotels, boutiques and shops

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