Ample space for contract cleaning textiles in confined spaces – with Miele’s new Little Giants

Product of Miele & Cie. KG

CMS Berlin 2019

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Carl-Miele-Straße 29
33332 Gütersloh
North Rhine-Westphalia

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CMS Berlin 2019

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Product description

Gütersloh/Berlin, September 24, 2019. – Wherever large quantities of mops and cleaning cloths need to be reprocessed in confined spaces, Miele's Little Giants have proved their worth: Compact washing machines and tumble dryers, well known under the MopStar label and – depending on the model – available with load capacities of 6 to 8 kg of cleaning textiles. The latest models, only introduced a few months ago, can be purchased outright, rented or leased. They only take up 0.5 m² of space, yet offer greater capacity than the previous generation.

Even at first glance, the high-quality stainless-steel fascia immediately betrays the fact that these are not domestic machines. Behind the scenes, the technology is designed to cope with significantly higher levels of strain and use, as is the case in the contract cleaning business. On the washing machines, new special-purpose programmes are available, alongside 15 standard cycles for mops, pads and cleaning cloths. These enable thermal and chemothermal disinfection followed by conditioning with liquid detergent and disinfectant. The desired residual moisture is adjustable, leaving cleaning textiles ready for immediate use.

Greater user convenience and reduced time
Using the new and well-structured text display, users can quickly and intuitively select from up to 29 languages – even once a programme has started. Workaday life is further speeded up by short cycles and a door which is particularly easy to open, without having to press a separate button to release the door lock. Another practical feature is a communication module which establishes a link to external dispenser systems. For the first time, the quantity dispensed and the timing can be programmed with precision, ensuring for example that disinfectant is not dispensed at the start of a wash process but only when a certain temperature is reached. The patented pre-spinning phase up front has the effect of removing coarse soil and dirty water, allowing a greater volume of fresh water to enter the machine in the main wash. At the same time, this also discharges any detergent or tenside residue from floor-cleaning products, allowing detergent to reach its full capacity. In the case of microfibre mops, additional water is introduced at the end of the main wash. This enhances rinsing performance and cools down cleaning cloths – placing less strain on fibres.

Upping the drum speed – but still smooth-running
The subsequent drying process is curtailed by thoroughly dewatering textiles during the spin cycle – whilst at the same time ensuring smooth running despite increased spin speeds. This is all achieved using high-quality components such as special heater elements made from corrosion-proof material. These gather neither soil nor lint - in the interests of longevity.